Swamp Hinterland Continues to Taunt Me in Elemental Kingdoms

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As many of my followers know I have been playing Elemental Kingdoms on my spare time and have finally reached Level 67, I am trying to conquer the Swamp Hinterland which is the new 11th land opened up and the map is the toughest yet, opponents with almost all 5 star cards many that are immune to all abilities are hard enough but add in the new runes that were added to Elemental Kingdoms and this becomes impossible for me to collect those last 3 stars.

2014-02-27 06.42.31

In just one example battle below against a level 73 Lich I am trounced rapidly with little hope of defeating my opponent.

2014-02-23 18.24.17

Unfortunately I don’t have very many cards that are immune to abilities nor do I have many of the runes that could help me defeat these battles, so I keep trying.  I did however finally get 2 Draconian Elders, which can help somewhat turn the tides once I get them to Level 10, as you can see most of the cards in this battle don’t have immunity to abilities, so having many cards that can teleport or destroy enemy cards may be the key to winning.

Who else is playing Elemental Kingdoms, what level are you and what is the furthest map and how many stars have you achieved?

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