Off to San Fran and Visiting Alcatraz

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Today my flight will arrive in San Fran and my wife and I decided to take some time to visit Alcatraz before it becomes all work for my CA Conference tomorrow. My wife hasn’t been to San Fran yet and all the times I have went I have always been confined to office locations or hotel conferences, so this will be the first time out and exploring a bit and after Alcatraz, we will spend some time at Fisherman’s Wharf and then it’s off to Farallon’s for dinner which was booked through Open Table.

It was nice to spend a day in Encinitas yesterday where my wife treated me to getting a mani-pedi, no pictures unfortunately. Then just walked and bussed back to our cottage to enjoy some leisurely time together. We kind of made this 3 day weekend our Valentine’s Day celebration since I had to go for a work trip anyway.

It is important for married people, actually any couples who are together and have kids to remember to take some time out and spend it alone together. You can lose sight of things when you aren’t spending quality time alone with your partner, after all when the kids grow up and you are left with an empty nest you have to have that close bond with your partner who now becomes your 24×7 with less distractions.

Back to the grind this week however, after conference I won’t be staying for RSA World as I am too swamped with work, but I would like to attend in the future at some point. The only conference I probably will be able to make it this year is CA World in November which I normally attend for business reasons.

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