A Red Robin Burger That Delights

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I almost can’t think of a hamburger or order a hamburger without having the Hamburger song from Teen Titans playing in my head where Cyborg is promoting his hamburger in a showdown between Burrito vs. Hamburger.

Watch song here and see if it gets stuck in your head before moving onto rest of article.

Buns Pickles, Lettuce, Cheese, Put That Patty In Between

Now, I was at Red Robin the other night and I created the ultimate burger by modifying their Whiskey River BBQ Burger and I tell you, every bite was like eating meat poetry to me.

You just add a fried egg to the top of a Whiskey River BBQ burger and the burger gets cooked medium rare (you want it some pink and not overcooked and dry).  The juices work together so well and when you bite into the burger and the egg yolk runs and drenches over the bun to mix with the meat and BBQ sauce it truly makes your taste buds sing the burger song.

I swear, this burger was as good as any $20+ Kobe beef burger I have ever eaten.  The unlimited fries with the Thai Chili Sauce are an extra bonus.  I am usually never disappointed by the burgers at Red Robin and if you have the chance to stop by a Red Robin and want to play Russian roulette with your arteries, try ordering a Whiskey River BBQ Burger with a Fried Egg on top.

What’s your favorite burger at Red Robin or any other burger joint?

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