Sunshine State Has Among Worst Records for Solar Research

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I was reading in the local Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper last week that, Arizona which has more sunshine than any other state in the United States has one of the lowest development and implementation rates of Solar based technologies. New Mexico is the leading state in the nation bringing in factories and companies who are willing to make, test and implement solar based power, with California and Nevada being in the second and third positions.

One of the main reasons why Arizona fails to attract companies is due to its lack of tax incentives, other states are offering incentives such as reduction in property tax rates to entice companies to build facilities in their state and build Solar farms. This is something that should be rectified by state and local government officials, Arizona cannot afford to be falling so far behind in Solar power research and should instead be at the forefront and capitalizing on what the state is famous for.

By offering tax incentives and other energy incentive packages this will bring in new companies, jobs, and revenue for the state, and they cannot afford to not make these decisions and make them quickly. It is more valuable to get companies in the valley by offering incentives than to lose the business to another state, not enough resources are being devoted to this industry.

I had read on an article on CNN over a year ago that if 1/3 of the state of Arizona were covered with Solar panels, the entire country would have enough power for the next fifty years including all growth estimates. Solar research is the single most important technology that should be advanced for “in place” structures like housing, commercial buildings and other types of facilities. Vehicles will probably not benefit as much, but once they improve Solar technology so there is over 10% conversation rate of energy, instead of the 4% that currently exists, then Solar will become as cost competitive as other power sources.

In this editors opinion, with the economic times being as tough as they are governments and companies should still invest in alternative technologies to avoid future crisis’s that may occur as a result of delaying or putting off this research and continuing to be dependent on non-replenishable fuel sources.

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