Added More Ram To Windows Vista

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So I decided to upgrade from 2GB of RAM to 3GB hoping the extra gig would add a little extra stability and performance to my system, mostly I use many applications, tabs and windows at the same time and figured the extra RAM would be able to better accomodate all of this. With Chrome using as much as 600mb of ram if I leave many tabs open and Tweetdeck easily consuming almost 400mb on its own, I was sorely pressed for some extra memory.

So far nothing too noticeable after two days, but I haven’t hit my computer as hard as I do during the weekdays, so we will see if I notice a difference the rest of the week. I really want to replace my hard disk with a Solid State Drive (SSD) as these are so much faster and I have heard you have very noticeable improvements in opening and closing applications and working in multiple apps at the same time as the disk load times are much faster than ATA drives.

SSD drives are still pricey compared to Serial ATA drives though and you get much more bang for your buck as far as storage space with serial ATA at the moment, so I am just waiting for a good price point.

In the meantime back to work this week and blogging of course.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: April 6, 2009 — 7:54 am