Not A Big Fan Of Diet Drinks

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I tried the new Vitamin Water 10 thinking it would taste as good as the normal vitamin water and was sorely disappointed, the flavor is very chemical tasting and it actually hurts my stomach to drink it. The idea is nice because I love Vitamin Water but it does have 100 calories per bottle, and having a light version would have been nice.

It seems there is not very many products out there that have low calories without reducing flavor considerably, it makes people resort to appetite suppressants and other forms of hunger suppression to try and curb their calorie and food intake.

Meanwhile, I did use my Juiceman Jr, which I have had for about 10 years to juice fresh carrots, apples, red bell pepper, 1 lime and 1 orange to make a very healthy and beneficial beverage for my kids and I for lunch today. Had a little tang from the lime, and was sweet from the apple and orange.

-Justin Germino

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