Sudden Lethargy and Stomach Attack

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Been under the weather lately and not sure if I picked up a bug but I was having severe stomach problems and lethargy, lethargy so bad that literally I almost couldn’t lift my arm or move. ¬†Even after staying up until 3am I had never experienced such feeling of being ‘drugged’ and unable to function. Combined with wracking stomach cramping, I didn’t know if this could be related to a bug or something I had eaten.

As a result, I spent the entire day just alternating between resting on the couch and in bed hoping to shake my lethargy and stomach pains, vomiting and just overall illness.

At first I thought my stomach pain may have been related to possibly swallowing some broken glass in my IHOP pancakes just two days earlier, but it appears to be a good old fashioned Stomach flu instead.

Being sick sucks,

-Justin Germino

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Updated: October 12, 2010 — 7:13 pm