Spouses in Business Together

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There is something I always found admirable about partners who work together in the same business ventures.  They are so integrated in their professional and personal lives and how they keep that working relationship going is admirable.

My wife and I are embarking on our first official "business" together, a new startup and I am enjoying the prospect of the two of us growing our business together and making it something we are a team on. 

I think when couples are in business together it is important to make sure there are guidelines and rules that are in effect to prevent any disagreements or business issues affect the relationship itself.  It is ironic that on a recent House episode you could hear Doctor House tell his boss "As an employee I hate this, but as your boyfriend I support you".

This is very similar to how you must approach business decisions when working together, you have to look objectively at each conflict or situation and make sure you are putting the "right" hat on for the situation.

My wife is far more of an entrepreneur than even I am and has some of the best ideas and creative energy in any project that she undertakes.  I am looking forward to seeing what we can make of our new business together.

I will unveil the business officially at a later date, as it isn’t in the completed stage yet and we are looking to launch with the public in the December timeframe (maybe sooner).

-Justin Germino

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