Stepping In To Help People

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Again it would seem weekly an opportunity presents itself where I am faced with a choice to help someone or just walk by and turn the other cheek.  Yesterday I was walking my kids to the playground and noticed several teenagers in the play area in the grass.  There were pinning a smaller teenager to the ground with his hands pinned behind his back and the kid was laying on his face.

I immediately started walking over as I did not know if the kids were playing rough, or if they were being mean and harming the kids.  As I got closer the kids got up and I saw the smaller boy laughing and running around chasing them and they all went back to playing.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but had those kids been harming the other kids, I would not have walked away, I would have intervened and driven the kids off and made sure the smaller kid got home safely.  Too many times people walk by and ignore a fight among teens, kids or adults and do nothing about it.

I have seen my fair share of fights while in New York and the horrendious and vicious public school systems there, I have been on the receiving end of group fights where nobody intervenes.  There just is no acceptable way to allow such actions to be committed and turn the other way in my opinion.

I had my little boys with me and I would never want them to be treated that way if they were older, if they saw another kid being hurt I would be proud of my kid for trying to stand up and protect someone, I would not want to instill the “look the other way” attitude because it is wrong and if more people looked out for each other this would be a better place.

-Justin Germino

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