Vayden – One Up And Coming Rock Band

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I have been a fan of Vayden’s music for over a year now and have seen them four times play live in the local Arizona market scene. Each time they are spectacular and have a great stage presence, their music is generational and appeals to many rock genre fans. Though some of their stuff is harder than traditional radio rock, their catchy tunes and superb music style swept Arizona and will soon start to sweep the nation I predict.

They have been signed by the same record label as Tantric and did a brief tour with them this year, next year they plan on doing a longer tour. Radio Station 98 KUPD plays them often here in Arizona as they can also be heard on Sirius Octane with their hit song “The One you Left Behind”.

To share one of their songs with my readers I found a youtube posting of their live video Anthem Of The Used, which is another of my favorite songs by the band:

Vayden – Anthem Of The Used – Live in Hollywood

Curtis the lead singer has very powerful vocals and softens his voice very well before releasing his powerful voice in the chorus of the song.  Vayden when they play live does a Beatles cover of “Come Together” that sounds in my opinion better than the original.

Armin is amazing teenage guitarist having just turned 19 recently and been playing with the band for years, he is able to do impressive solo riffs and has fun entertaining the audience with his blazing fast fingers and handwork.

Bruce is one of the most amazing drummers in the business able to wow the audience with being able to spin the drumsticks in his hands between hits of the snare drum which is a feat of amazing dexterity.

Jason the bass player plays some complicated arrangements on the bass guitar and does a great job doing backup vocals for Curtis.  The dynamic of the group is incredible overall and they have fun with their audience especially their home town in Arizona.

If you live in Arizona, or hear about Vayden coming to town in your area I highly encourage you to see them live, they are even better live than on their recorded album.  If you are interested in their music check we will be posting their album for purchase on Rock Along Productions soon.

-Justin Germino

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