Mentoring Others With What I Have Learned While Blogging

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I have to be honest with my readers, I am not an expert SEO marketing guy, blogger, or anything.  I am just an IT Security guy who has a passion for writing, reviewing, entertaining and poetry.  So I started 3 blogs and my oldest was started on August 23rd 2008.  The other two started in late September including this one.  So I have only been blogging for less than four months and I am learning new tricks, tips and methods of doing things every day.

One thing I have discovered is I have a passion, in my real life I was blessed/cursed with the gift of gab.  People always said I talk to much, and now I have a medium to share my thoughts and views with a much wider audience than the handful of people I talk to daily.  The best thing is some people actually like hearing what I have to say, and have become fans of my poetry, Heroes reviews, Technology Reviews…etc.

Fans, here I was a just a regular IT guy a few months ago and now I have more people who follow me on my blogs than I can count on all my digits.  That is amazing to me really, and I am always willing to share what I have learned and give back to my fans, readers and friends.

The first is this, I am starting to make some money with my blogs, it isn’t much and equates to about $100 – $150 per month in my 2nd and 3rd month blogging.  The hours I put in make if I break it down equals that I earn about $1.20 per hour while blogging.  So I make like cheap chinese sweatshop labor rates, but the point is I love doing it, and the fact that I make something is cool.  I bought a few extra Christmas gifts this year that I would not have been able to get without some blogging money.

I am also realizing that my earning potential will grow as my blogs expand, $150 could become $300 in three or four months which could be $500 by the end of 2009.  My goal would be to reach $500 per month in December of 2009, but I can’t seem to figure out how to break more than $200 per month, you can only do so many paid posts without your blog ratio being blown to bits and looking like a paid advertisement blog.

So at some point I will need to invest some of my blog money back into promoting my blog, maybe learning and searching and buying SEO link packages to see if they work.  Paying for adwords or some sort of link advertising, but I need to make sure I have a brand to deliver, and have clarified what I am offering before I market myself and my name.

If anyone wants help and to learn everything I have tried, you can check my for blogging category, where I share all my blogging tips, also I have the same category on this site.  You can also twitter me anytime @dragonblogger, I am happy to meet and talk to anyone about blogging.  Also if you have something to share, if you are a blogger who started from nothing and are now making $1000 per month, or even blogging is your full time job now, I would love to hear from you.

-Justin Germino

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