Steel Series Guild Wars 2 Mousepad

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I never really thought much about a mousepad previously, I had always used crappy cloth based mousepads that were plain and I picked up for like $5 or less from bargain bins.

But when my new Steel Series Guild Wars 2 Mousepad arrived in the mail the other day I was surprised at how much faster and more responsive my mouse was.  I didn’t change anything but swap out my old mousepad and my mouse which is an older Logitech MX620 just jumped across the screen.  It flew much faster and I had to get used to the new sensitivity just by switching out the mousepad.

guildwars2 mousepad

I was not disappointed, and for less than $20 on this mousepad was definitely worth the purchase.  They have the Logan Edition, Eir Edition or simply the Guild Wars 2 logo.



Each is larger than a mousepad I was used to, they are 13 inches wide by just over 10 inches long which provides a lot of room for your mouse to move around, but maybe not ideal for very small desks.

If you are a Guild Wars 2 fan and looking for a better mousepad that literally will help improve the tracking and performance of your mouse, the Steel Series Guild Wars 2 mousepad will not disappoint.

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Updated: December 14, 2012 — 11:34 am