Invited to the Cavalia Odysseo Premiere #OdysseoAZ

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It was a surprise and honestly at first I thought it a scam, when I received an email inviting myself and a guest to attend the Cavalia Odysseo premiere on December 19th in Scottsdale.


A quick confirmation and it turns out that due to my growing Twitter following, over 16,000+ followers now that I was invited to attend as a Very Important Tweep and they want me to have backstage access, tweet and post pictures about the event in real time to help spur media buzz around the Cavalia Odysseo show.

We had seen a previous Cavalia show years back, it was Cirque Du Soleil style acrobatics that includes horses in their acts and as part of the story of the show.  This will be the first tim I get to actually have a backstage tour and see the Cavalia horses in the stables which should be fun.

I was thrilled to offer and see if my wife would like to attend with me as a date night (we had to find a babysitter) and away we will go to attend Cavalia Odysseo next week on Wednesday December 19th 2012 in Scottsdale, AZ.  I will be live tweeting and posting pictures from the show as well.

My trusty mobile Hootsuite application will get lots of use that night.  You can learn more about the Cavalia Odysseo performance by visiting their website.

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