Samsung HMX-W300 Waterproof Digital Video Camcorder

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It was by chance that I came across an advertisement for the Samsung HMX-W300 HD Camcorder in a newspaper advertisement and I did a little more research and found that this pocket sized HD PVR could actually fit for a specific purpose that I have when going to Encinitas several times per year.

imageThe Samsung HMX-W300 is a waterproof and shock resistant pocket sized camcorder, think of it like a water and shockproof Sony Bloggie camcorder, it has about the same recording capabilities and limitations but is water resistant up to 15 feet and it’s case can survive drops, falls.

The Samsung HMX-W300 supports 1920×1080 30fps video shooting, is capable of 5 megapixel stills and has 3x optical zoom.

Like the Sony Bloggie and other PVR devices in it’s class it lacks a flash so it works primarily in bright light or full daylight when shooting video.  Also like other PVR in the class the image stills are lacking compared to an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy 3 camera and can be grainy and noisy unless there is ideal direct light on the subject.

This camcorder isn’t designed for night shooting and it’s primary purpose is video shooting during daylight with it’s major benefit being that you can shoot in, around, and near water.  This means you can be in the pool shooting video without worrying about the camcorder being destroyed by water, it is waterproof so you can shoot video under water, in and out of water, splash the camera and more.

My main purpose for this camera would be to take it with me when I go to the Beach in Encinitas and explore the Jetties for Starfish, Anemones and other ocean life that clings to the rocky surfaces.  I could take it into the waves with me and not worry about it being destroyed, I had always wanted to take some video of waves crashing over the camera and such so it gives me the chance to experiment with some water footage.

If you are looking for a small pocket HD Camcorder that can shoot in water, provided you are not Scuba Diving to depths greater than 15′ this camcorder should work for you.  Just know it’s limitations in that it requires a fair amount of light and is not designed for night shooting since it has no flash and the stills can be grainy if there isn’t ideal light conditions.

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