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Some of you who know me know that I run four blogs, you can look at the About Me page to see more about them and what categories the encompass.  My Poetry blog is the one that means a lot to me as it is all original poems and stories that I create on a daily basis and share with my readers.  On my Wanderer Thoughts blog I don’t take any paid assignments at this time, and I strictly try to share my poetry with my readers.

One of my favorite contests is my Random Twitter Poems where every Monday through Friday at around 10am each morning I will ask people on twitter to send me random words via reply or direct message.  I will build a poem around these random words that are provided.  I have been doing it for a few weeks and people love the results in most cases.  Some days a light poem emerges or is requested, other days dark poetry is requested or created.

I enjoy doing it because it challenges me as a poet and helps me build something with some building blocks to work with.  I want to spread the word about my poetry and am trying to make my poetry blog more popular and gain more readership.

So my poetry blog is listed on BlogNetAwards, here is the sample of it:

Vote for Wanderer Thoughts

I am encouraging all my readers to please visit my blog on BlogNetAwards and register, after registering please vote and comment on my poetry blog.  You can vote by clicking the # of stars (see above) to rate my blog.

To register click on the link on the bottom right of BlogNetAwards:  (See image below)

BlogNetAwards Register

In addition to registering and commenting, the site will automatically enter all commentors into a monthly drawing where you could win $250 or $100 CAD, which is a little less USD, but still amounts to some free money. I luckily won in October and got a paypal payment of $190 dollars after currency conversion and paypal fee to convert.

Everyone vote for my blog and comment, to encourage participation I will gift 500 Entrecredits to anyone who votes and comments and then contacts me afterward. I obviously can only gift 2 people per week, but I will keep gifting as long as people keep participating.

So Click to Vote Wanderer Thoughts on BlogNetAwards

-Justin Germino

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