Busy Day Christmas Decorating The House

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I spent about seven hours yesterday alternating between testing strands of xmas lights and stringing them up all around the house and decorating the bushes.  We usually go gung ho decorating the outside of our house every year and even topped 10,000 lights last year.  This year we are doing a little lighter as we lost some strands and didn’t add as many new ones as we usually do each year.  Still I expect I will have more than 7500 lights up by the time I am finished.  I stranded about 2500 today alone which took me most of my afternoon and some of the evening.

We had put in 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits a while back into the house specifically for our xmas lights and have come pretty close to maxing it out over the years, having to do a good job load balancing the power and making sure one circuit doesn’t trip.  When I am finished I will post pictures of this year as well as previous years in how we decorate our houses. I will be doing about 5 more hours of decorating on Sunday and then some more each evening this week.  I hope to be completely finished by Friday December 5th if possible.

-Justin Germino

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