First and Last Foray Into Black Friday Shopping

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My wife and I have never been big on “Black Friday” shopping, and have always heard horror stories about what its like to get up at 3am to go to the store and get the “best deals” on the one day only sales.  We just weren’t those type of people, we are fairly comfortable and didn’t mind paying an extra few bucks to not have to do the rush and mob thing.

That being said this was tight year and when Walmart showed they had Power Wheels Jeep’s for $88 one day only at their Casa Grande store starting at 5am, we decided we would get one for each of our boys.  We got up at 4am this morning after barely sleeping, and waded down to the Walmart parking lot only to be astounded by it being almost completely packed.

We fought the herd and once inside the store there was a hundred people in line to the garden area where by the time they opened the doors each and every jeep was picked and scavenged by the first fifty people in line.  We stood no chance at all at getting one unless we had been there at like 2:30am instead of arriving exactly at 5 when the sale started.

We tried to navigate the aisled to see some other deals but fighting a crowd of vicious deal hungry people became too much to bear, after the second person was deliberately bashing her shopping cart and then backhandingly apologizing after we abandoned our cart and fled the store to save our sanity.

Here is my observation and it would seem true, the rudest, meanest and most greedy people seem to be the ones that do this type of mad rush.  They are impossibly vicious and try to save every last buck not because they are desperate or need the extra money but because that is they type of miser and scrooge that they are.

Desperate people who save every buck to at least have a Christmas do not have that intolerance, rude and “I am better than you” attitude that is only found with people who are doing well for themselves but still go the extra mile to save the extra five to ten dollars.

In summary, I shall never again bother to get up early for a Black Friday sale to save an extra twenty to thirty dollars over a few items.  It just isn’t worth the inconvenience and with online shopping easier than ever before I barely will do any local shopping at all anymore.  It isn’t the stores that are the problem, its the people and their rude, obnoxious and intolerable behavior.

-Justin Germino

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