Southern AZ Weather Bearable Again

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The last several days the temperatures have dipped into the low 60’s at night with it only becoming in the low 90’s during the peak of the day, this now starts among the best times to live in Southern Arizona where you can wear shorts all day long and not feel too uncomfortable.  This is the time where I take my kids to the playgrounds much more often in the late afternoons instead of the very early mornings, and the time to start enjoying Arizona.  It makes you forget about the dreadful summers when you experience the wonderful warm winters.

Casa Grande particularly has a slightly different temperature and weather pattern than Phoenix or Tucson, reaching higher temperatures than Phoenix in the Summer, but lower temperatures in the Winter, we often can be five to ten degrees colder or warmer on average and are always warmer than Tucson.  Also when it rains or storms in Tucson or Phoenix, often it skirts around Casa Grande and we see far less rainfall than the surrounding areas, we barely had any Thunderstorms this year and I do miss them.

-Justin Germino

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