Barro’s Pizza in Casa Grande Arizona

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So Barro’s Pizza finally opened a few short months ago in Casa Grande Arizona and it is our first Barro’s in the area, I had enjoyed Barro’s on the few times I visited in Tempe and had gone three times in the past two months.  In summary the Pizza is chicago deep dish style, the crust is thick and soft and the toppings generous.  Their Hawaiian pizza is one of the best I have had in any Pizza restaurant, but I wasn’t overly fond of their Boneless Mild or Boneless BBQ wings.  The flavor of the wings aren’t so bad, but the boneless chicken meat they use is already pre-seasoned with spicy seasonings, so even with mild or sweet BBQ sauce the wings are just too hot for my taste buds and spicy for my guts.

When I order mild or sweet BBQ, I don’t expect my tongue to burn for fifteen minutes.  This may not be a negative for most people, but it is for people with sensitive stomachs who can’t handle spicy foods.  The mozzarella cheese sticks were fairly good, but the marinara sauce is not as good as other restaurants for dipping.  All in all Barro’s is a fine choice for a different kind of Pizza in Casa Grande, AZ but it is not as good as T&M Pizza which is by far the best Pizza place in the city.  Geno’s Pizza which is located on Florence Blvd also is fairly good but has the same issue with spicy mild wings (seriously, mild should mean mild guys, why bother calling it mild).

-Justin Germino

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