First Trial with Wii Fit Plus

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I just got finished doing a twenty minute workout on the new Wii Fit Plus which was released today, I was at Walmart bright and early to pick up my copy. I burned a measly 74 calories with my varied workout. How do I know this? Simple, the new Wii Fit Plus tells you at the end of every workout how many calories you have burned, which is a welcome and excellent addition to the game. It does however demoralize a little knowing that after sweating and working out for almost twenty minutes I only managed to burn through the amount of calories in less than one Special K cereal bar. Barely denting the two plates of Pasta I had for dinner.

However, there is so much to like about the new Wii Fit Plus game, not only can you create and combine custom workouts that you tailor to how much time you have. You can create workouts in 3 set bundles, from 6 minutes to an hour or more in length of time. You can specifically focus on what type of workout you want (build arms, lose weight, tone, trim belly fat…etc) and the Wii Fit Plus will tailor your workout routine and vary your activities so you seamlessly transition from one activity to the next.

There are also a slew of new activities, and tonight alone in my custom routine I was throwing snowballs, rollerskating, doing Kungfu moves in a class style where you have to time your moves in sync with everyone else, in addition to the familiar jack knives, tricep extensions and more. There was one move which was a very nice routing called a balance lift which has you sitting your bum on the balance board and lift up with one leg straight out while you push up with your arms and hips. This one really works out the hips and arms and was among the more intense Wii Fit routines I have seen.

I haven’t even tried the multi-player or the fun “weigh your pets and kids” function of Wii Fit plus, but the fact that you now can just jump on and measure your BMI and Weight without fiddling with the Wii Fit Age screen saves you time so you can weigh in every morning and dive right into a routine that fits your schedule.

I have been a huge fan of Wii Fit, according to my own Wii it says I have had it for 540 days (though since my kids lost my original Wii Fit Game Disc last month, it had been over 40 since I actually worked out with it).

Wii Fit Plus is an excellent choice for entry level fitness and a steady and healthy pace to lose weight and start toning your body, if you are out of shape you will be sore the next day, and if you are in shape you can just increase the amount of time and vary the routine to get more benefit from the workouts. Each little workout is around 1-3 minutes long and and combining them really adds up to help you sweat and tone your body.

I highly recommend Wii Fit Plus to anyone.

-Justin Germino

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