Six Year Old Brought Gun to School

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In an article over on Yahoo News about a six year old bringing a gun to an elementary school and hurting 3 other kids when the gun accidentally goes off I just had to rant on this topic.

There should be zero instances where a child should gain access to a family gun period.  All guns should be kept in a locked safe that only the parents have access to if you choose to be a family that keeps a gun in the home.

I am not against having a gun in the home, I believe it is a right to protect your home form invasion and especially if you live in more dangerous area’s it may be a good decision to keep a firearm in the home.

Hunters of course are still perfectly acceptable to have weapons, but all should have the responsibility to keep them locked up.  This wasn’t a teenager stealing the key or breaking into the gun safe, this was a six year old so most likely the gun was stored under the bed, closet or within easy reach for the child to get it.

At the very least there should never be bullets anywhere near where the gun is kept, and the gun should never be loaded.  For stupidity’s sake man the parents should be sentenced to prison as this is just as neglectful as leaving a toddler or infant in a bathtub full of water and then wondering how they slipped and drowned.

Accidents happen, but if you aren’t responsible enough to secure a gun then one shouldn’t be in a home where children reside or even visit.

Shotgun is Scary

Unrelated but I thought it relevant is that the best type of gun to protect your home with is a shotgun.  The reason a shotgun is best is that it has relatively short range, the buckshot cannot penetrate walls easily and there is little risk of a stray bullet entering a nearby home and killing or injuring another person by accident.  The intimidation factor of a shotgun can also deter any thief without even using it.  A shotgun is also far too small to conceal, so if I were to own a gun for home defense purposes only it would probably be a shotgun.

-Justin Germino

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