Gunning for the Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest

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I really am pushing to win the Blog Engage Guest Blogging contest and not because I really need the prize money, but because I want to help promote all the sponsors and blogging community which are part of the ways to build points in the contest.

My guest article Blogging to Forge a Connection with Readers is one I am proud of and I want all my readers to visit and comment on the article to help me gain in the contest, but I also am giving back to the community by writing reviews of all the contest sponsor sites (most are bloggers) as well.  I haven’t been as active with networking with me blogging only part time and thought this would be a good way to get active and showcase other bloggers while trying to win the contest.

As mentioned on if I win the $250 first prize I am going to give 50% of it away in a contest to my readers.  It is good to put blogging money back into promotions, giveaways and contests to help keep your audience and peers engaged.

So help me out with the Blog Engage Guest contest and comment on my article which provides some very good blogging tips that I recommend all bloggers should follow.

-Justin Germino

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