Easter Bunny Has Visited

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Holiday’s are fun when you have kids and my wife and I spent the night helping the Easter bunny prepare a surprise for my two young boys ages 7 and 4.  The Easter bunny hid over 200 eggs between the inside, front yard and backyard but instead of having too much candy we decided to break up the contents of the plastic eggs.

Easter Egg Contents

  • 40 eggs had 1 quarter in them
  • 40 eggs had pennies/nickels in them.
  • The remainder of the eggs had assorted jelly beans (3-4 per egg) and other candies.  No chocolate was put in any of the eggs as we do live in the Arizona desert and it would melt fairly fast even in the mornings over here.

The finding of the eggs is the most fun and my intention was for the kids not to find all the eggs on Easter and maybe find some days or weeks later as little surprises they forgot about.  This is one reason why we didn’t hide real boiled eggs even though my wife did the coloring egg tradition thing with the boys on Good Friday.

Overall we decided to have the in-laws over and do an Easter barbeque of Hamburgers with setting up and eating on our outdoor patio since it would be in the 80’s and not too hot.

Have a Happy Easter everyone and enjoy the holiday.

-Justin Germino

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