Signed Up as a Writer on BlogCritics

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So I had been meaning to sign up for BlogCritics for a while and start producing some original articles over there to help expand my profile and potentially my audience.  On BlogCritics I will write articles that you won’t find on or any of my others sites because I am trying to keep original content on different networks to prevent my articles from competing with each other in the SERP of various search engines.  My first article was a detailed feature comparison of the iPhone on Verizon’s network over AT&T’s network as many people and networks were making a huge deal last week over the Verizon / iPhone offering.

If you are one of my fans on other networks go ahead and join me over at BlogCritic and I look forward to connecting with you there.

PS.  If you aren’t using BlogCritics it is one of the few article directories that gets picked up by Google News, so you have a chance of your articles being listed on Google News ( which can really create a flow of readership which may translate into people following you back to your blogs to become fans.  This is one big reason to post at least a few high quality articles on BlogEngage regularly and I see the most popular ones seem to be movie reviews, gadget news and such which get picked up by Google news.

-Justin Germino

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