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Been playing lots of Dawn of War 2 over the past two weeks on my spare time nights and weekends, the game captures real time strategy and combat so well and I have been having a good time with it.  Such a change of pace from the turn based strategy used in a game like Kings Bounty: Armored Princess which was the game I was playing previously.  One thing I like about the DoW series of games is that even brand new they are under $30 dollars which is around 1/2 the price of most other new games from larger game studio’s which makes them a deal.

I happened to get Warhammer Dawn of War II and it’s expansion Chaos Rising for only $20 as an Amazon.com digital download which was a fantastic deal.  I was going to promote it but found out it would appear you can’t affiliate sale the “digital downloads” on Amazon.com affiliate program, only the actual products.  This is a shame because it was about 10 bucks cheaper as a digital download and was totally worth it at the price, Amazon.com should let you affiliate sell the Digital versions of games to entice subscribers who want to pay a few bucks less to download it instantly instead of having the physical DVD of the game.

I always prefer digital downloads and this was the 3rd game I bought through Amazon.com digital download, it is a very efficient service and you can install it on multiple computers.  I did have to buy more than 1 license for the DoW2 from STEAM however since DoW2 requires a separate license if you want 2 PC’s to be online at the same time playing and I enjoyed doing the multiplayer campaign mode with my son.  I remember the days when you could play games over your LAN on the same license key, Starcraft had a cool multiplayer mode which played multiplayer only and didn’t require a license.   Now that so many games require internet connections just to play the game, you have to purchase a copy for each PC in your house that you want to play it on which is starting to get costly at $50 per game.

Heck, you can play a Wii / Xbox360 or PS3 game multiplayer on the same console, yet PC games which require LAN to play multiplayer you have to buy the game multiple times, I think that is wrong.  I think games should allow you to plan on the local area network without a separate license.

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-Justin Germino

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