Learning from Mistakes

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We all have moments in our lives where we take an action, say or do something and then bitterly regret it or wish we can retract what we have done just a few minutes later (sometimes seconds).  In these instances hopefully there is a chance for not only redemption but to learn and grow from the mistake, remember that mistakes equal experience and our ability as human beings to reshape and alter our behavior and choices based on knowledge from the past gives us the ability to ensure we learn from our mistakes.

In some rare cases the mistake can lead to consequences from which there is no return, think of something as serious as being a drunk driver and accidentally killing a kid or mom because you were inebriated after drinking at a bar and thought you could “make it” home okay.  There are some instances where you should be able to make the right judgement without requiring a previous mistake and once those mistakes are committed you may get redemption and experience but at a horrible price.

One thing that we all should do is reduce “reactionary” responses and take just a few seconds extra to think about the proper reaction or response to a situation, just a few seconds of extra thinking time can make the difference between a good decision and a bad one.   Take a moment to ponder the cause and effect of different decisions and actions to see if you can mentally role play what would be the best scenario or response to a situation.

I am guilty of sometimes reacting too quickly, irrationally and more often than not I have to retract a reaction, respond to it in a different way because I didn’t spend enough time thinking about the cause/effect before reacting.  In my own experiences they are more likely to be things regarding conversations, words used in a sentence or the way I articulated something incorrectly.  I am a far better writer or when I have time to prepare what I want to convey than when I am just conversing sometimes (or in an argument).

“Think before you speak” is a good saying.

-Justin Germino

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