Showing Your Partner Some Appreciation

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Some people believe that buying fancy things like huge diamond engagement rings, fancy cars, expensive clothes and other highly expensive tangible goods are a sign of affection. Those in of itself are just signs of some ways to express your commitment and love for someone, but they aren’t the only way to express affection and appreciation for someone.

Think of it this way, the act of giving a gift if bought not out of an obligation for a holiday or special occasion but for no occasion at all is selfless and is one way to show appreciation. Even more is the act of giving something that isn’t purchased that cost on only time perhaps. One such gift could be giving your partner the opportunity to go and get a manicure or pedicure once a month and take care of the kids. Others include just maybe getting a bottle of massage oil and giving your partner a simple 1/2 hour or hour long massage to some relaxing music (no ulterior motives, simply a rub with no expectations).

Make the time to show the one your with how special they are to you, and you don’t have to do it with an expensive display of affection, a simple gesture that is done for no occasion at all can become some of the best and most cherished memories in the future. Love is a special thing and cherish it when you have it and do your best to never take it for granted.

-Justin Germino

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