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With such a very busy weekend, I now go back to work at my day job on Monday feeling like I didn’t even get a chance to rest. I was out until almost 2am Friday night, then until 4am Saturday night and had to deal with replacing two toilet fixtures, laundry and mopping floors on Sunday around the house. I didn’t get as much time to play with my kids as I usually do, I always feel a little guilty when I don’t spend as much time with them as I want to.

I did see the movie Frost/Nixon last night and thought it was a good film, albeit a little slow and since the subject matter is before my time the topic was not as interesting to me as it probably would be to people in a slightly older generation. Ron Howard did to a good job with the film and all of the acting was top notch however.

Meanwhile, It is exactly 2 weeks from today that I will be spending a week in Cabo to enjoy the sun, beaches and deep sea fishing. I haven’t had a vacation in almost a year so my spirit is sorely needing a getaway for just me and the misses.

-Justin Germino

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