Replacing Toilet Flushing Systems

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Some of you may remember me complaining how my toilet handle broke last week and I didn’t have the parts to dismantle and install a new toilet flushing system, so I hired a plumber. I spent $98 for the plumber’s labor, and $50 in parts to get the new toilet flushing system. As if my house is playing a cruel prank on me, my downstairs toilet handle broke the exact same way as the bedroom bathroom toilet just yesterday. This time instead of calling the plumber, I went to home depot and bought the tools I needed.

I then proceeded to dismantle and install new toiled flushing systems on both of my remaining toilets to avoid this issue in the near future. So I spent another $130 in parts, but didn’t have to pay for a plumber, because the knowledge I gained from watching the plumber last week was sufficient that I was able to do the work myself today.

I believe I gained a level in plumbing, and added to my “handy man” skill set, I now can replace everything in the back of a toilet tank without any assistance. But darn if I am not bummed I had to spend over two hundred dollars in tools, parts and labor for my lousy toilets over the past week. This is one of the bad things about being a home owner is the constant repairs and upkeep just to keep your home operational. As my home is now three years old, some stuff is starting to wear and needs to be replaced.

-Justin Germino

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