Shopping Xbox or DS Games at GameStop

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Picked up a slew of new games from GameStop this week and I must say that if you shop at GameStop for kids it is better to buy “used” games instead of new games.  When you buy a used game you have up to 7 days to return the game for a full exchange / refund, but if you buy a new game the moment you open the package you can’t return it except for whatever trade-in credit it is worth, with is a faction of the retail value.

Gamestop has used games for sometimes good prices, but still has best prices for new games unless you find some really great bargain deals.

So this weekend I picked up Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360), Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360), Sacred 2 (Xbox 360), The Sorcerers Apprentice (Nintendo DS), Crash Bandicoot: Crash of the Titans (Wii).  I picked up all of these games for about $65 with some trade in credit.

I compared each game price on and would have spent less money had I ordered them all from Amazon even new they were cheaper than GameSpot used prices.  This is especially true of The Sorcerers Apprentice which I spent $17.99 on and instead could have gotten for $5 on

[az_easel item=”B000PIPUN4,B000FQ2DTA,B001IKHVTE,B003MWHIJE,B000TGB4R8″]

So in retrospect if I had more patience and was willing to wait for games to arrive in the mail I probably could have saved like $20 if I would have purchased the games from, buying in person at GameStop is more for impulse buys.  The trade credit is fair but you really have to trade 4-5 games to get a single used game in some cases.

Still, if you have a glutton of old games you don’t play anymore then either trade them in at GameStop or list them on something like to trade them and only pay like a $2 shipping charge to trade the games with others.  This is the closes to an even exchange that I can find.

Wondering if anybody has played any of these games and what they thought of them?

-Justin Germino

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