Quest for an iPad 2

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Now that I have bought an iPad 2 for my wife I am on the lookout to see if I can get one sometime at the end of May or early June for myself.  I really tried not to get an iPad 2, I wanted to get an Android 3 based tablet but every review I have read from the Xoom and Acer Iconia to the Samsung Galaxy Tab proves that iPad 2 is still the reigning king in town.

Xoom would be a close contender though, except I haven’t had good success with  Motorola previously and am wary to get a Motorola device.  The android still does not have strength in the app store as the iPad 2 and iPad 2 trounces all other devices when it comes to battery life and ease of use.

The wait list for the iPad 2 is still too long for me to likely get one before my trip, and I will just have to wait and see.  Currently I still think it is more advantageous to buy the iPad 2 directly from than anywhere else as the price includes custom engraving which you don’t usually get if you can find one in a local store.

Some online stores have them in stock but you will pay an additional $100 – $200 to get it quickly instead of waiting for the Apple 3-4 week turn around time.

How many readers have an iPad 2 or a Motorola Xoom?  Do you think the device was worth it?

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-Justin Germino

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