Advantages of Veebeam over Roku or Apple TV

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Roku Still Not Having What You Need?

I recently got a Veebeam which allows you to wirelessly stream video from your laptop or home PC to your HDTV. This devices consists of two parts, one that plugs in to your HDMI or Composite video ports of your TV and another wireless USB key that sends a signal to it over a wireless network. 

imageCombined the Veebeam allows you to stream free Hulu, Megavideo or any other website movie service right to your HDTV. With Veebeam there are no limitations, no channels but it does have the inconvenience of you having to find and queue your movie on your laptop or PC so it can stream to your living room TV.

It works very well and I highly recommend the Veebeam 1080p if you don’t want to buy Netflix, Hulu+ and want to leverage only the free movie streaming services online and beam them to your HDTV.


This almost acts like a wireless projector for your laptop or home computer because you literally can share anything with it, though the company claims there is about a 2 second delay on the streaming which make it incapable of being used for gaming or anything that would be constrained by the delay, this delay is imperceptible when watching even 1080p movies as it doesn’t cause stagger but merely means your laptop screen might be ahead by a second or two compared to what is being output to the HDTV.

The Veebeam was a pleasant surprise and I endorse it as strongly as I do the Roku XDS as an option for Internet streaming.  It is a better option if you don’t want to have to purchase a Netflix or Hulu+ subscription and have a laptop already the only caveat is you need a fairly powerful PC or laptop at least dual core 2.2 ghz if you want someone to do any sort of multitasking on the PC at the same time.

With Veebeam you can stream anything you can hit with your browser to your big screen TV without paying any sort of subscription.

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