Creating a TripBook with Microsoft OneNote

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When I was sent a copy of Office 2010 and asked to create a TripBook about Agra, India with OneNote I was more than happy to test out this software which changes the way people create documents and store information.

OneNote is very different than your typical Word processor in that you are not restricted to lines and can merely click and put information anywhere on a page.  It also doesn’t limit you to pages but each “notebook” really is like having your own physical notebook.  You can create tabs, pages, sub pages and put any type of content inside your notebook.  This can be images, audio, video (wmv files), links, or even snippets of websites which you can cut and paste into your OneNote and it will include the link back to original source so you can easily reference it later.

With OneNote I was easily able to create a TripBook that included all the things I wanted to do if I visited Agra, India which included separate tabs for Hotels, Maps, Attractions but also included images, links, online coupons from restaurants and wiki information.

I even recorded my voice and embedded it as kind of a reminder on the things I wanted to do and see like the Taj Mahal and some of the famous tombs and forts.

My OneNote TripBook will be featured on Microsoft’s Vacation Planning site where they doing an around the world in 40 days where 40 bloggers have used OneNote to create TripBook’s about a city they either visited or want to visit.

My TripBook about Agra India will be featured on the OneNote Vacation Planning site on May 10th 2011 and I encourage you to visit and check it out.

The primary reason I suggest you look at OneNote is that you don’t have to have 20-40 different documents as a collection of notes and information any longer, you can simply consolidate all that information into a notebook and easily reference anything you want by simply copy/pasting it.  OneNote is fun to use and once you start using it, it is hard to back to a regular Word processor!

How many of my readers have already started using OneNote?  What is your experience with it, what do you find are the best features?

-Dragon Blogger

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