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So when Facebook changed its terms of service around sweepstakes and giveaways, Rafflecopter was quick to come in with a new service that allowed Facebook page owners to run flash giveaways on their page.

This means you can run a giveaway right from your Facebook wall in a post, and the post is the giveaway.  The number of comments and likes you get on your Facebook wall post are the entries and the Rafflecopter flash giveaway app will randomly select 1 winner from all the likes and comments left on the Facebook wall.

You can read more about it here:

I decided to test it out, as with all giveaways make sure you give clear start and end times and have a disclaimer in the post itself on who is eligible to participate.  Kick off your wall post giveaway and watch to see who interacts with it.


So I kicked off the giveaway stating what the prize was, who was eligible and when the giveaway would end.  This experiment was with a $10 Amazon gift card or PayPal cash if winner preferred.

Within the first hour of announcing the sweepstakes it had 68 likes and 56 comments which is really good for a wall post, it had an impression reach of 1,200 or so which is about 10% of my Facebook fanpage following.

Here is a video showcasing the entire FB Flash Giveaway from the fanpage and picking the winner with the Rafflecopter FB Flash app.

I reached a total of 196 likes


and 163 comments


with 6,556 people seeing the post, and I tried to do a $5 promotion, but it got rejected after just over $2 in promotion because there was too much wording in the image for the gift card!

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