Revived a Kindle Fire That Wouldn’t Power On

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Last week I was lucky and after opening up my son’s Kindle Fire when it refused to power on anymore no matter how long he kept it charged, I was able to revive it.


Apparently the problem had to do with the battery connector to the Kindle Fire itself, maybe due to dropping or rough usage the connector plug must have become loosened because the battery didn’t register as it existed.  At least this is why I think the Kindle Fire would show a green power button for only a second, then power off.

I re-seat the connectors and then the Kindle Fire powered on fine battery fully charged and it seemed to have done the trick and revived the Kindle Fire for now.  The charging port on this one is very unstable and this was a known issue with the 1st Generation Kindle Fire tablets, it has been about 22 months since this Kindle Fire was purchased and my kids are due for a tablet upgrade this Christmas and I am considering getting them a Google Nexus 7 tablet as an upgrade to the 1st Generation Kindle Fire.

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Updated: September 15, 2013 — 2:42 pm