My Desktop is a Cluttered Mess

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Okay so I really need to spend some time and organize my desktop this coming weekend, it is a mess with so many icons that even with Stardock Fences I can’t keep it managed and under control well.


The poor dragon in the background has only a spare square to breath and this is after I cleaned up a ton of files that co-existed in his mouth and eyes.  I have scrolling areas of Stardock Fences that scroll into the abyss.

Normally I would say that Stardock Fences I awesome how you can organize your icons into subsections and containers on your desktop so you you can applications in one container, games in another and my blogging files in another.  It works well for this, but when one container gets full a scroll bar appears and you can have many and I mean many applications all fit into a container and not realize you have so many until you scroll forever.

So time for some fall cleaning of my desktop to at least sort my files into a more organized folder system.  Most of the items on my desktop are screen captures, blog related snippets that I need to get around to incorporating into blog posts at some point.

Of course you can always double click and hide all your containers which gives you the appearance of a clean and empty desktop with Stardock Fences.

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Updated: September 10, 2013 — 3:28 pm