Top 5 Coconut Water Brands Reviewed

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Recently I have gotten into the coconut water craze you could say, I wanted something that had a bit more flavor and water and something more hydrating than the 6 cups of Iced Coffee I was drinking a day to help reduce my caffeine intake while adding more electrolytes and hydration at the same time.

There are quite a few brands of coconut water and coconut water certainly isn’t that cheap considering it compared to the cost of other filtered and flavored water, but it is natural and lightly flavored with some brands being sweeter than others.

I will list out all of the brands that I tried and add my honest review and feedback, but I will start with my favorite brand which is Taste Nirvana Coconut Water and it can be found in the jars (taste better) or cans (twice as much, cheaper and still taste better than other brands).

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

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Taste Nirvana coconut water I have reviewed in both the 9.5oz jars which are glass jars with sweet coconut water from Thailand coconuts and the 16oz cans.  The jar coconut water does taste a bit better than the cans for some reason, not sure why maybe the can degrades flavor ever so slightly but either way the cans are very good too and much cheaper when ordered in bulk on Amazon than the jars.

The Taste Nirvana coconut water is much sweeter than other brands though the sugar level isn’t overly high, they also are a little pulpy and think of this a little like pulp orange juice except there is small white coconut pulp in the coconut water.  Now in some the cans some of the pulp can require some minor chewing which I don’t mind, you kind of swish the coconut water in your mouth a little chew some of the pulp and swallow.  There isn’t that much and only toward the bottom.  The jars however the coconut pulp seems to always be softer and can just be swallowed immediately.  Either way I don’t mind the pulp, but if you don’t like the idea of some coconut pulp then this may turn you off of the brand.

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O.N.E Coconut Water

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O.N.E Coconut Water has less sugar and calories than Taste Nirvana and has no pulp at all, it is thinner and closer to water in texture with less flavor.  It comes in pouches rather than cans or jars and is a good option if you want to drink a lower calorie coconut water or you prefer a coconut water without that sweet flavor and without pulp.

I definitely prefer the O.N.E. Coconut Water chilled as it tastes a little better, and if I can’t find Taste Nirvana I will pick up this brand at Walmart which is the primary brand sold in Walmart here.

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Vita Coco Coconut Water

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If you read reviews many will say Vita Coco tastes better than O.N.E coconut water but to me this was a distant 3rd in coconut water flavor.  However it isn’t bad and at $19 for a 12 pack it is about $8 cheaper for 12 than the O.N.E Coconut water and one of the least expensive brands.

Like O.N.E coconut water, Vita Coco is very thin and light and has no pulp, it is not sweet and low in calories while having the potassium and other minerals you look for in coconut water.

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C2O Pure Coconut Water

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I tried this brand after picking it up in Whole Foods in Southern California, it is thin without pulp and very sweet like Taste Nirvana, it has about 12 grams of sugar per serving which is twice as much as the O.N.E and Vita Coco coconut water but is quite delicious if you want a sweeter coconut water beverage.  It is less expensive than the Taste Nirvana brand and actually is my 2nd favorite brand of coconut water personally.

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Zico Pure Coconut Water

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Zico Pure Coconut Water is also a bit on the sweet side at about 10 grams of sugar per serving but it tastes less sweet than C20 or Taste Nirvana.  Zico also uses Thai coconuts and many on Amazon prefer Zico to Vita Coco and O.N.E. but this would probably be my 3rd favorite out of the brand reviewed.  You can kind of tell that I tend to prefer sweeter coconut water beverages based on my preferences.  Zico also has no pulp but is a little thicker than Vita Coco and O.N.E. coconut water.

So these are the 5 brands I have tried recently and Taste Nirvana (Jar, then Can) are my top 2 with C2O being a very inexpensive alternative that also comes in a 33oz container which makes it great for pouring in glasses and leaving in the fridge if you want a larger container and are not looking for to-go cans or pouches.

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Which is your favorite flavor of coconut water?

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