Romantic Date Night – The Formal Dinner

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As my wife is a trained chef and I love cuisine of all types one of the things we had in common very early on was how much we enjoyed dining out together. Dining out and sampling cuisine in Arizona and all over the country was one of our favorite past times and still is. Arizona has some of the greatest restaurants in the nation and has hundreds of original cutting edge fusion places cropping up every year in Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix or Mesa.

Before we had children we had a formal date night at least every other week or month and it involved us dressing up, though I never was so formal I had to think about wearing tuxedos. I usually wear long sleeve button shirt, slacks and sometimes a tie and coat. My wife would always wear the most beautiful dresses that would sparkle, glimmer or just radiate her beauty.

Italian Dining is some of our favorite, but we just as often love Asian Fusion, French, or a great Steak and Seafood place. My point to this little post is to try and make time for your relationship that is outside of your normal day to day lives. If you work five or six days a week, and your wife is home taking care of the kids, ask a family member or babysitter or friend once a month at least (try for once every paycheck) to carve out some time for yourselves.

A romantic dinner with some wine and maybe a movie or even just going out and seeing one of her favorite bands play or even just a local musician, whether it be jazz, rock, country there is always live music playing in the valley. Take some time out to enjoy each others presence and just connect again.

That is one of my philosophies, and I try to live by it when I can.

-Justin Germino

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