Eva’s Mexican Restaurant – Best Mexican Food in Casa Grande, Arizona

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I went out to eat at Eva’s Mexican Restaurant tonight as this week is their official Grand Opening, even though they have been open for a couple of months.  Eva’s is located on the cross-streets of Pinal Avenue and Kortsen Blvd coming off of Exit 185 on the I-10 in Casa Grande, Arizona.

I had been to Eva’s one time previously and thought the food was very good, in fact Eva’s is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Casa Grande beating out Macayo’s, Cafe De Manuel, Christina’s among others.  The building itself is completely brand new and modeled very well, it is a spanish tile plaza where they were hosting a Halloween event with a 20 minute scare maze and everything.  We didn’t pay the extra cover and participate in the Halloween activities, but tonight kids eat free if they went to dinner dressed up in their costumes.  So my oldest went in his Spiderman costume and my youngest went in his spider pajama’s.

Tonight the food was exceptional I had a Taco, Cheese Enchilada and Green Corn Tamale combo, and the Cheese Enchilada’s are some of the best I have ever tasted.  The green corn tamale was very good but I do like Manuel’s Green Corn Tamale’s better in Tempe.  The Taco was great as their shells are very thin and crispy and you don’t taste too much corn flavor with the meat.

The kids liked their Rice, Beans and Chicken Tenders which were very good and not too greasy.  The salsa that comes with the chips is excellent being very mild (I don’t handle spicy well anymore) and the bean dip was good, but was a bit thin and watery and very salty.

The side items such as rice and beans were also very good, the Charro beans were outstanding.  These are whole pinto beans covered in cheese and seasonings and were just delicious.

The food was great, but alas the service was horrible tonight.  It took 11 minutes after we sat before a waiter came up to our table and take our drink and food order.  The original waiter never showed up at our table at all, we waited for a long time for the entree’s and nobody ever came to re-fill my iced tea.  We also waited 8 minutes after we were all finished with our entree’s and nobody came to ask us if we wanted Desert.  I asked one of the passing hostesses to speak with the Manager.

The manager came by and apologized and threw in an order of Sopapilla’s and said she would have our drinks refilled immediately.  I thought the service would be remedied but 16 more minute elapsed, and still no re-fill on any drinks and no Sopapilla’s came out.  I grabbed a hostess and told her to just get our bill that this was rediculous.

The same manager returned again, apologized again and said the entire meal was on the house for our poor service.  The send us away with a togo order of Sopapilla’s and apologized all the way as we were out the door.   Now the food was exceptional, the best in Casa Grande, but the service was lacking.  The manager did a very good job of compensating us for bad service and entice me to come back.

So I did endure service that made a 45 minute meal take almost 2 hours, but I got a $50 free meal out of it, so as my wife told me this evening.  I can be bought, great food and a manager who wants to put things right do sometimes make up for one night of poor service.  As mentioned I had eaten here before and the service was fine, so I chock it up to a bad night.

I still highly recommend eating at Eva’s Mexican Food if you are driving through Casa Grande or you live here.  The food is great, and if your service isn’t up to snuff, go ahead and let the manager know right away so they can put things right.

-Justin Germino

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