My Opinions on Human Kindness and Decency

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I was reading on another blogger’s site this morning I do apologize for not linking back, but I forgot the blog who posted this.  If you do read this and know I am referring to you, please contact me and I will link back to you.

She was blogging about being very pregnant and having to take her van into the shop, where she had to carry car seats, diaper bags and tons of stuff out of her van.  Nobody in the shop offered to help her, some twenty guys just stood there and watched.

This reminds me of what has degraded in human society over the years, studies have shown that babies and toddlers have altruism built in as instinct.  If you drop something in front of a 2 year old, he will automatically come over and pick it up and hand it back to you.  They are hard wired to help and primates like Chimpanzee’s have this same altruistic ability.

It is only through culture, society and being taught that this instinct seems to be pounded into non-existence.  Humans are supposed to be hardwired to help people, only culture undoes that fundamental instinct.  I take my two boys ages 5 and 2 for walks all the time in my community and I lead by example when it comes to helping people.  My five year old now whenever we go to restaurants asks if he can open an hold the door for us, in fact he rushes ahead just to open and hold doors for us and people.  This is because he always see’s me hold doors open for people.

When I was walking past a pregnant woman in my street unloading a computer monitor from her trunk, I offered my assistance.  She turned it down, but I still offered because it was the right thing to do.  The same goes for in the morning when I saw a guy with his truck stuck in the common area, I offered to come over and help push his truck out.  He informed me he already called towing and thanked me for offering, my sons see me do this and I hope they grow up to be those kind of people.

Remember how previously I said before bed I think back on 2 or 3 good events that happened in my life that day.  I always think back fondly on whenever I offered my assistance to help others, whether it was accepted or not, I stood up and didn’t just ignore and walk on by.  The next time you see somebody with a flat tire on the side of the road, and nobody is helping them.  Or you see someone who looks like they could use a hand, don’t turn the other cheek and ignore it.  Give in to your inner altruism, help people for the sake of helping people.  What is 5 minutes out of your day just to give a hand?

-Justin Germino

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