Romantic Idea Series – Small Tokens Of Affection

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I have decided to start a regular new column called “Romantic Ideas Series” these will be semi-regular posts with new idea’s to keep love and passion alive in your relationship.  These are merely idea’s and suggestions, I can’t guarantee they will work and I can’t say they have worked for me all the time, they are just things I have done and show you that thinking small can sometimes show love in big ways.

One thing I did several years ago before leaving for a business trip was cut out about 25 paper hearts about 2 inches by 2 inches in size.  On each heart I wrote the # of the heart, and some sort of love quote.  These quotes were anything from “Your Beauty Knows No Bounds” to “I Love You”, or “Your Sweet”.  You can make them innocent, cute, loving, passionate or whatever.

I hid all 25 paper hearts around the house in locations that my wife would normally go to on a daily basis, in tea bag container, refridgerator…etc.  This way while I was on a business trip she would stumble across my little messages while I was away.  When she hadn’t found one in a while, I would give her clues as to where some may be hiding.  The anticipation and excitement she had finding each and every one of my hearts was something I cherished. She kept those heart notes in a tin for many years as a reminder of what I had done.

This was an example of something that cost me nothing but a little bit of time and creativity to express and show my affection.  Hopefully this will give all of you romantics out there an idea or two.  Remember to show the person you are with how much you love them and never take them for granted.

-Justin Germino

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