Carving Halloween Pumpkins

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I have always liked carving pumpkins, and I am not a master artist. I don’t use templates I try to freehand and use raw creativity. My wife and son do their pumpkins and last year I created my “gory” pumpkin which was one of my most creative ever. I used almost a whole box of staples for this bad boy.

Gory Pumpkin

Taking a picture of him at night you can’t see his stapled eye or head, so I included the above photo showing how he looks close up in full daylight. I stuffed a whole string of red xmas lights inside his body, and then the night time photo gave a great effect of it looking gory.

Gory Pumpkin 2

I don’t know if I am going to do a pumpkin this year, though my son and wife are doing one tomorrow. I didn’t buy one for myself this year, though I wanted to do a “Pin Head” pumpkin with lines on his face and big flat head nails covering his entire face, I was worried the neighborhood kids would pull out the nails and I would have nothing but flat tires for Halloween this year.

So, let me see your best and most fun carved pumpkins. Share your pumpkin carvings with me, and post some pics everyone.

-Justin Germino

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