A New Race Back To The Moon

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Tomorrow India launches a moon exploration satellite which will take some of the most detailed and advanced pictures of the surface of our lunar neighbor.  NASA has two instruments aboard the indian craft but this brings to question why other nations have grander plans and more funding for lunar and further space exploration while the United States has taken a back seat.  A space shuttle that has been retired with a replacement no where near completion, and with the hope of sending another manned mission around the year 2020 does not constitute ever regaining our forefront of being a major player in the Final Frontier.

I applaud India, Japan and China for investing so much money, time and technology into the Space Age.  undoubtedly our future lies with the colonization of the Moon and Mars, and a sustainable set of bases that can harvest and create their own oxygen and food supplies.  Technology advances when science and research is properly funded and rewarded and the United States is going to lose ground to the rest of the world very rapidly if we don’t re-prioritize our efforts into Science and Technology.

If Barack Obama is the new president I would hope he puts as much priority into helping keep the United States at the forefront of Technology and Space Exploration, restore NASA’s funding as it should be and set new goals for our great nation.  Our nation needs goals that everyone can believe in and work toward as a nation, we need to stop being such a self centered society and look to the greater good of mankind and the future of our species, not just ourselves.

As I have often said in a perfect world the entire human population will join to a single common goal of exploration, learning and discovery.  People would only work doing what they want to do, and money, poverty and hunger will be things of the past.

-Justin Germino

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