Crazy Night Last Night at Club Red

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So my wife who runs Rock Along Productions received two free tickets to see a show last night at Club Red where 9 bands were playing across two stages.  Bomber was the band we knew and had done a show with them in the past.  I saw Dagger, Impulse Aggression, Jack Ripper and several I can’t remember the name of.

By far the most impressive of all of the bands was Jack Ripper, I am going to write a post about it on Rock Along Productions website shortly.  This band is centered around a kid prodigal guitarist who is so amazing, the band plays some covers and some original material but this young kid can shred a guitar as any master electric guitarist I have ever seen.

We left before LA Guns came on to pay a visit to Hollywood Alley to check out the band Daughters of Fission who will be playing in our November 22nd show.  This band is also very good and mixes keyboard instrumentals with a metal sound.  The most unusual thing is the drummer is the lead singer and it is amazing how he can keep his voice steady while being so active and physical on the drums at the same time.  It takes real talent in my opinion to be able to do that.

-Justin Germino

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