Romantic Advice: Date Your Wife

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I have been with the woman of my dreams for almost twelve years now and we have a family with two small kids, one of the things that people should never forget is that you should forever continue the “woo” phase of the relationship.  Never stop showing what your partner means to you with gestures, words and other ways.  It doesn’t have to be lavishly expensive, I coined the phrase “Woo on a budget” meaning you show expression without spending large sums of money (but if you have the money don’t be cheap either, nobody likes a miser).

One of the things I intend to do far more frequently is to date my wife, take her out on the town at least a few times a month where the kids can be watched by Grandma and we just have private alone time with us to talk and share each others company without the kids running around, the noise and distraction of daily life.  I suggest everyone try this more often, it is easy to date when you are single or in your early years, and gets harder when you have children, jobs and all the stresses that come with it all.

One thing to note, leave cell phones and blackberry’s at home or set them to silent.  Nothing kills a romantic evening like SMS messages flying back and forth and somebody checking their phone constantly while trying to engage in conversation over dinner.  Never forget to show the love in your life just how special they are to you, I know I will never take my woman for granted and I have committed to showing her every chance I get what she means to me and how much I adore her.

Sometimes relationships can become “stale” or “complacent” and it takes some effort to break the monotony of daily routine, show some spark, fire and passion with some gestures that are unexpected and come at random times.  It really will benefit your relationship as a whole.

-Justin Germino

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