Choosing A New Boston Terrier

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Our family has discussed adding a second Boston Terrier to our household in the near future, and I have seen many breeders and sites that sell puppies from a far and will ship them to you. My family is a little old school here, when you are choosing a family pet you have to go and meet the puppy or adult dog in person and get a feel for its personality, how it looks and acts. I truly believe that people have a “spark” with the pets that they will share their homes with for many years.

I just couldn’t purchase a pet over the Internet and have it delivered to me at my door because It’s not like if you aren’t happy with it you can just pack it in some shipping boxes and send it back to where you got it from. Our dog is almost fully recovered after several weeks, it is strange he had almost total paralysis in his right rear leg 3 weeks ago and now has so much zippy energy and appears to have full use of the same leg again. I don’t think the anti-inflammatory medicine would have made him feel better, he must have just injured his spine (pinched an nerve) and it finally is healing very well. Our dog is back to his old spunky self, but all of this has made the family realize it is only a matter of time and adding a second Boston to our family would be good this year.

One the kids can bond too and soften the blow if the eldest one should get sick again in the next few years, and one that could bond with the kids a bit better. Our older Boston Terrier is my wife’s dog and everybody knows it, him most of all knows who he belongs to. Our oldest dog is always friendly with the boys but doesn’t really play with them, he ignores them mostly or tries to get out of there way but only actively engages and plays with my wife and I. The new puppy would bond with the boys and have a much more “I belong to the whole family” since he would have grown up with the boys since it was a puppy.

So maybe this June for my wife’s birthday we will be picking out a new Boston Terrier, my wife is hoping to fall in love at first sight with one as she did with the one we have. I think lightning will strike again, she has a fondness for the breed now and although she likes other terriers and all dogs really, Boston Terriers have a special place in her heart.

-Justin Germino

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