Health Update On Our Boston Terrier

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So my loving Boston Terrier who is no longer a pup has what appears to be spinal degeneration and even though he is in much better shape now than he was a few weeks ago, he still has partial paralysis in his right rear leg and has trouble standing or falls over occasionally when he gets too spunky or over jumpy.

The vet recommended we keep him relatively docile in his old age and not encourage him to jump or play rough anymore. He is only 8 years old and it is sad to see him become this way, we considered putting him on some pet supplements to see if it would help increase his energy and vitality, but the vet pretty much said there isn’t much we can do but give him a comfortable life.

That being said he still sleeps in bed with us, I let him outside often to go to the restroom and his energy and health have improved tremendously since a few weeks ago. He has no signs of tumor, infection or any other ailment other than his weakening spine. The vet seemed to believe that he must have jumped and injured his spine while in the yard the other week, so he could recover in 8-12 weeks and regain feeling in his foot. It isnt completely paralyzed he can move it, walk on it and such but it is very numb. He can’t feel if you pinch it and he has poor reflexes when you perform certain tests with his rear foot.

Meanwhile the dog is still our beloved pet and his quality of life is a little slower paced, but he still gets love and is able to function and enjoy the families affection. He also doesn’t appear to be in any pain, so we are just glad he is okay for now and will continue to provide for him.

-Justin Germino

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