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I broke a new milestone this week when I reached 100 people who have signed up for SponsoredTweets under my referral ID

SponsoredTweets is one of the best programs to earn money from your Twitter account and I can attest for it as I have been using it since the service was first released.

I have earned around $170 dollars over the past year or so with SponsoredTweets and just around $40 was my commission from my referrals taking opportunities and making money from SponsoredTweets. Considering I average about .10 cents commission per tweet from my referrers, I get about .30 cents per day by doing nothing but collecting from other people who signed up and make some money with the program.

I am however very picky with what I choose to promote, and have turned down over $130 in offers from advertisers, so whereas I made $170, I could have earned over $300 if I wasn’t as picky as I am. Mostly I will turn opportunities down if I don’t think they are good content matches for my twitter audience, I tend to promote technology products around software, gadgets and sometimes entertainment (movie/dvd stuff) but housewares, kitchen and other products that don’t fit my niche I reject not because I think there is a problem with the advertiser, but only because it isn’t a good content match for my followers.

In fact, SponsoredTweets has more reputable and quality advertisers than any other social media earning platform on the web in my opinion and consistently has more big name companies than MyLikes, Magpie and other programs.

If you want to earn a few bucks a month from Twitter sign up for SponsoredTweets, you only need a few hundred followers and a good reputation. Only promote products you truly are willing to endorse and you can find yourself making a little extra change each month to help cover some fast food (or in my case it goes toward web hosting fees for my blog).

-Justin Germino

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