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I finally got around to adding a Top Products page on this blog which is something I had been wanting to do for a while, it is basically a page which lists all my favorite products I have purchased or used over the years and doubles as an Amazon affiliate page where people can search for products or purchase the product if they are interested from the link. It is done as more of an experiment to see if I can gain more income from Amazon affiliate, but also as a way to share which products are my favorite.

I am intending to have at least top 10 products each year on the page, though it is still being completed I have a handful up on it now. I wanted to eventually design a kind of Amazon aStore for that featured my top technology product recommendations and was considering this experiment for 2011. The more I blog the more I realize that true income lies not in doing blog reviews but in selling products and earning from commission, though Clickbank and many other programs have huge $20-$40 commissions on single product sales the product offerings are very niche and very limited, it may be better to sell 10-20 products at 4% commission than one at a $40 commission.

The fact that Amazon sets a tracking cookie which is valid should the user purchase anything and you still earn the commission is a huge bonus in favor of Amazon affiliate. I still am not that experience with Amazon affiliate having sold only about a dozen products over the entire 2010 year, but it is something I intend to focus on more in 2011 and experiment with.

-Justin Germino

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