Blogging a 2nd Job?

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It only took me returning from vacation to realize that blogging is feeling more like a 2nd job and less like a hobby these days. I have enough emails and correspondence to catch up on from my day job and the fact that I have dozens of emails, comments and follow ups that need to be done for my blogging hobby hit me like a brick on how “job like” blogging really is. Though you set your own hours and write on your own schedule, there is follow up that is required to keep readers engaged as well as advertisers who inquire about purchasing ad spots or other opportunities.

Combine this with social media presence and follow up and I can honestly say it takes a good hour to catch up on blogging related activities for every day I take PTO and this only applies to filtering emails and communication and has nothing to do with writing content or articles. Since transitioning into my new role at my day job I have had to cut back on blogging gradually over the past few months and this combined with my renewed interest in PC gaming I have tried to limit my blogging hours to no more than 15 per week.

I can make more money out of my blogs if I put more effort into them, but the fact is that I am spread so thin that other than a few sponsored reviews per week and mostly passive earning from AdSense and selling ad spots I don’t actively pursue advertisers or paying content like I did in 2009. This ironically has not hurt my site income too much as my site traffic has increased enough to where my passive income caught up, but it means my income has flat lined for the past several months.

I can see why many bloggers quit or give up after a year or two blogging, and even bloggers who run successful sites can suffer from burn out or inability to keep up with the demands of blogging while holding down one or more day jobs and a family life. Rest assured blogging is in my blood and I won’t be retiring from it, but I will try to balance it by offsetting the number of articles I have to write per month.

This may mean this blog may only get updated every other day instead of every day in 2011, but not sure yet if I am going to adjust my blogging frequency. will always have at least 1 new article per day as this is my flagship and technology news blog, with having several authors I am hoping it grows rapidly and I don’t have to keep writing 30-35 articles per month for it as I am hoping to produce about 10-15 articles per month for DragonBlogger when I have enough writers to keep my blog satiated with quality content on a consistent basis.

The bottom line folks is that if you are serious about blogging and wanting to carve a portion of the Internet for yourself, know what you are getting into. It takes time and few can just set it and forget it when running a blog.

-Justin Germino

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